Bedroom Furniture Chest Of Drawers

Bedroom Furniture Chest Of Drawers

bedroom furniture chest of drawersBedroom Furniture Chest of Drawers are a fantastic addition to your bedroom. They nicely complement bedroom furniture wardrobes when you need extra room to store your small and foldable items.

They also have a large enough space in your bedrooom to accommodate a chest of drawers.

Chest of drawers like wardrobes come in both oak and pine varieties most popularly. And as a reminder, you would go for oak if you want it to be sturdy and potentially get passed on to the next generation.

And you would get pine if you are more concerned with affordability or acquiring painted furniture. As pine easily takes to paint, you can easily buy furniture in white, cream, ivory, and if you look hard enough, black.

Additionally there are a number of different configurations which are designed to suit your desire for a specific height or number of drawers, or a specific width.

Typical drawer configurations are fixed drawer width only, in which case the bedroom furniture chest of drawers may simply be described physically, e.g. tall, or wide, and / or by the number of drawers it may have – e.g. 6 drawers narrow.

The other type of chest of chest of drawers are those where the drawer sizes are mixed. These “combi” style chests of drawers will usually be referred to by the “number of smaller of drawers” + the number of larger drawers. So for example a 2+3 chest would mean 2 small width drawers plus 3 longer width drawers.

Typically the smaller drawers are half size versions of the larger drawers, although on the rare occasion you will see chests that have 3 small drawers spanning the width of the chest.

Typically the longer drawers will span the full width of the chest, but sometimes the chest is virtually divided vertically into two halves or two columns, meaning that the longer drawers will roughly span half the width of the chest on each side of the divide.

There are still even more configurations that you can find, but the above are the most common ones that you will see. The best thing to consider is what you need to store. If you are not that concerned about how much you need to store, then you may decide to buy a chest of drawers based purely on how the bedroom furniture chest of drawers looks and feels to you.

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