Bedroom Furniture Wardrobes

Bedroom Furniture Wardrobes

Bedroom Furniture Wardrobes are an essential part of any bedroom. There are variety of style and type of wardrobes, as well as colours. The most common is the traditional wood look, which in itself can come in a variety of shades.

Then there is the white coloured look. A white wardrobe or any colour painted wooden furniture for that matter will usually be bedroom wardrobes made from pine as it is easier to paint than oak wood. Lastly there is the black coloured look. This is much rarer, but is nevertheless available.

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Bedroom Furniture WardrobesBedroom Furniture Wardrobes / Bedroom Cupboards come in many styles and finishes.

Many wardrobes are made of pine or oak. Pine is poular due to it being cheaper to source, cut, and because it takes well to being painted

Oak is popular because it is strong, durable, and traditional.

Depending on one of all three of budget, longevity and style requirements, you may prefer to opt for pine or oak. That’s unless you’re not bothered by those things, and just want something that looks good and gets the job done.


How much you wish to spend on a bedroom wardrobe will determine the material that your wardrobe is made from and/or how large it will be. If you are on a tight budget then you may need to compromise between pine, a cheaper material, over oak, a more expensive material.

The main thing here is simply that oak is more sturdy and durable, with the potential to survive many, many years if looked after, whereas pine is good for a few years but will eventually need replacing. If you wish to get a large wardrobe on a budget and you need it for a few years rather than a whole decade, then a pine wardrobe will be adequate.

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As mentioned above, the major difference to consider in the wood used in bedroom furniture wardrobes, specifically between pine and oak wood armoires is that oak is more sturdy and durable than pine.

So much in fact that oak furniture is often passed from one family generation to the next. I am sure that there is a very high likelihood that you have heard of an antique dining table and the like before.

But how often do you hear of an antique pine table? So the decision between whether you should go for oak or pine is an issue if you plan on having your wardrobes around for a very long time. If you do want one that is likely to last much longer than most people would usually keep one before getting bored, then an oak wardrobe is the better option.


This one is quite important too. Ironically, while pine is not as sturdy and durable in the long run when compared to oak wood, it is a material that is great for being easy to style and easy to paint. If you want bedroom cupboard furniture in a specific painted colour,

it will most likely be manufactured from pine. So if you want a white coloured wardrobe for example, then you will most likely be looking to get furniture that is made from pine.

Oak furniture will tend to come solely in their natural oak finish rather than painted, as oak does not take to paint easily. Another style element is inherent in the wardrobe designs. For extra hanging space, you’d get a ladies wardrobe.

For an extra shelf to store bits and piece, you’d get a gents wardrobe. And if you want a fancy wardrobe, a sliding door wardrobe, or high gloss wardrobe are available too.

So Make Your Choice

Anyway, whatever type of furniture that you are looking for for your bedroom, you are going to find it here. So get comfortable and browse through the furniture section relevant to you.

You will find a very huge selection of wood types and colours available that suit whatever type of furniture arrangement you desire. Choose from chest of drawers, wardrobes – obviously, mirrors, dressing tables, beds – you have to sleep right, and bedside cabinets.

Everything you need to furnish your bedroom is right here even if you want a 6 door wardrobe bedroom furniture piece.

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